Growing Organic Vegetables for Stir-fry

Growing organic vegetables in a wide mouth rounded shallow container in a green house is very easy.

There are many easy growing types of Asian vegetables. Cabbages are most popular in the Chinese cooking.

Chinese flowering cabbage, is also known as Choi-sum in Cantonese.

Greenhouse Cabbage

Growing organic vegetables in a wide mouth greenhouse container in early Spring 2009image 1-4

I bought a packet of these seeds in the year 2006 (above picture 1).; and I was looking forward for a chance to grow them.

However, I had the wrong impression that; all tropic vegetables needed a very hot and humid environment for their healthy growth.
And so; I was sitting on it for several years.

In the year 2009, I had finally decided to try a few; since the seeds were no longer fresh.

Growing Organic Vegetables Must Know

Basic Requirements
Potting soil
Plain rain water
A container

How to Start
*You can germinate your seeds in a little container of water; or in a little soil indoor at room temperature 20°C.

*Germination takes 3 to 5 days. And once the seeds are sprouted and grown into 2 leaves, transfer them immediately (no delay) into their individual containers and support them with 2 little bamboo tooth picks.

Chinese flowering cabbage plant is expanding its leaves and showing its yellow blossoms in mid-springimage 5-8
Organic grown young Cabbage vegetable is harvested for consumptionimage 9

Due to its fast growing speed, the plants would developed into a very tall and slender body with mini leaves; if you did not transplant them on time. Therefore; it is better to sow each seed directly into its container; if you have no time to monitor it.

Importance for the Baby Plants:
*Keep the soil moist at all times

*Remove the cover when the plant is larger; and spring frost is over; and the night temperature is above 10°C.

My Experience:
I have sow a seed directly into a white container on 10 April 2009.; and cover it for the early spring cold.

At first the baby plant was very soft and unstable. And the leaves were very tender.

You can see the young cabbage plant was strong and steady; and it had maintained its 5 and a half leaves (above picture 2) on 8th May 2009 .

1. In one week time all the leaves were enlarged (picture 3&4).

2. The stem has expanded; and so the whole plant stand upright on 20 May (picture 5).

3. The flower buds appeared on 26 May (picture 6).

4. After 2 days, a few small bright yellow blossoms came (picture 7).

I transferred the plant, including the container outdoor (picture 8) for 30 minutes to feel the nature; and to gain the vitamins from the natural air and the lovely sunlight.

Harvest this soft and tender young stalks (picture 9); and you can eat all parts of it; including the flowers.

Try growing organic vegetables greens for soups and pickles?

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