Growing Organic Vegetables Fruits

Growing Organic Vegetables
and starting vegetable gardens for your own daily vegetables and fruits basket is simply exciting!

Growing cucumbers is very simple and it fits best with both no till gardening and small space gardening concepts. It is an inexpensive growing.

Cucumbers fruits are best for our summer vegetables; mouth watering salads and snacks. Pickled cucumbers help us to improve our appetite and digestion too.

I have been growing cucumbers for a numbers of years. This year I found a different variety from a garden seeds supplier which is located in a small town; and I started growing cucumbers (Inmaakaugurk Hokus in Dutch) since early spring.

Let us learn how to grow cucumbers in a reusable basket; and harvest the terrific pickled Cucumbers from your small backyard!

Growing Organic Vegetables in Containers

Growing organic vegetables cucumbers fruits in a frugal garden from greenhouse young plant to outdoor garden bed
Growing cucumbers in a small space garden raised bed from flowering to harvesting young pickled organic fruits in mid-summer

Steps to Sprout Cucumber Seeds
1. First day, select some good looking fat seeds.

2. Rinse them and place them in a non-transparent container; add water and stir them with a plastic fork; let it stand for 5 minutes.

3. Select those good ones and throw away those floated seeds; add enough clean water to cover the seeds; and let it stand indoor over night for sprouting.

Steps to Transplant

1. The next day, prepare a thin layer of potting soil in a reusable plastic container; or a tray; and spray the soil wet with natural Chlorine free mineral water, if you are short of rain water.

2. Thereafter, remove your soaked seeds from the indoor container and place them firm on the soil; cover some thin soil over the seeds and sprinkle a little water on top. Place this tray in a greenhouse; or indoor with a cover to protect them from the cold; or the sudden frost; until the little plants crawl out from the soil. Then support them with the lightest and shortest stakes, such as tooth-picks.

3. When three leaves appeared, move them to their individual growing basket together with the tooth-picks.

4. When they are strong enough, transfer them together with the basket, to the outdoor open-ground natural frugal garden.

Growing Organic Vegetables at Home Garden

Cucumber plants need plenty of water. Remember not to wet their leaves and keep the soil moist all the time.

Every morning you will be cheered by the yellow cute little cucumber flowers.

You will notice that, the cucumber plant can be grown in a small location together with the other five plants. If you grow her in a basket; or container; she only occupied one small corner; 1/6 from the grow bed.

When the creeping vines are a little longer, bamboo sticks are needed for support. Help the vines to creep along the sticks firmly and secure them loosely with some inexpensive plastic wires; or recycable strings; make sure the vines are not touching each other. When they feel secured, they will be stronger and happier to produce more organic cucumbers for you.

If you have a bigger space, top this cucumber fruit vegetable plant when three leaves appeared: In this way, the plant will split into two heads growing directions and you will be harvesting more cucumbers than keeping only one vine.

Harvest cucumber fruits before 10 am or on a cloudy day; to ensure best juicy and non-bitter cucumbers.

Growing organic vegetables and building a spray free vegetable garden for a school frugal gardening project is certainly rewardable!

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