Growing Broccoli Plant

Growing Broccoli
can enjoy the fresh and sweet vegetable flowers.

I remembered those days when I was still in Singapore, we ate often those Chinese cabbage, eggplants, tomatoes, bean sprouts, long-yard beans, chilli, choy sum and all other hot climate vegetables. We had hardly Broccoli and Cauliflowers.

Since I came to this country, I have to learn to cook the cool weather vegetables. And Broccoli´s, Brussels Sprouts and Cauliflowers are some of my favourites.

There are many different types of broccoli in the market. Most commonly seen are white, purple, and green broccoli's.

Broccoli and Cauliflower plant are both a cultivated variety of the wild cabbage.

Planting broccoli is not difficult; it is just about the right temperature and the patient.

Growing Broccoli in Spring Garden

Home vegetable gardening broccoli flowers harvesting in early summer

A new type of broccoli (above) was introduced to me by my Singapore girl friend two years ago. I had grown it and harvested its flower buds fresh last year in the early summer.

Green Comet broccoli is a dwarf plant. It is hardy and high tolerant to downy mildew: it is a diseases resistant plant.

You can grow this broccoli in containers, in a natural-air green house indoor; or outdoor's open ground; or in a small gardening bed.

I received the seeds in October 2007. As usual I could not wait to grow them. Those were the most exciting days because it was my first time in life growing organic broccoli; I did not know how it would turn up until I see it.

I started with one seed in a little plastic tray in our small greenhouse. After one week, she was transplanted to her own plastic basket with 2 inches of rich potting soil. She was sitting with two outter pots; and covered partially with a transparent mini greenhouse lid; for the winter frost protection.

While she was in the green house, I feed her rain water when there was sunlight around.

When the Spring came and the soil was warm enough for plants, she was being transferred out to our small organic kitchen garden.

We prefer to grow all our vegetables in the heat free natural atmosphere with free flow fresh air circulation; and good drainage home-made rich worm composted soil.

I discovered that we had totally no trouble with the garden slugs, snails, insects, and the white butterfly when we grew vegetables in the spring. Because the air was still cool and much rain: The insects and butterflies would not appeared in a cold and wet environment.

During the broccoli growth, we mould up the soil whenever their roots are shown on surface of the ground; it would help to reduce the root damages and promote the healthy plant growth.

Growing Broccoli in a Container

Growing broccoli in a basket and set these together in the ground is; much easier to manage than growing it directly in the open ground. In this way, the container will help to hold the plant properly; it can block weeds; and the underground insects attack . Moreover, it is best suitable for a small space gardening concept.

When the plant is growing tall; the flower head would obviously be heavy; the bamboo sticks are needed for support and balancing purposes. When the plant feel secured; they would be happy to concentrate on producing their charming broccoli flowers.

Harvest broccoli when the little flower buds are not open and still green. You can cut the center green flower bud cluster and the stem, which should be one to two inches below the flower.

After the first harvest, carry on with the regular rain water feeding; the second or third cluster may be harvested later.

We had one medium sized broccoli and two smaller broccoli's in total.

The best enjoyment is to cook your home grown organic vegetables right from your own grow bed.

Try growing broccoli Green in your coming most exciting greenhouse fall garden project?

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