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On 30th April 2009, Netherlands Queens day, we went around and visited some of the beautiful countryside home garden landscapes; and we found many wonderful farm house landscaping ideas.

We discovered almost every family had evergreen shrubs and big trees in their front yards and backyards.

From the pictures above, you can see almost every one had included dwarf shrubs as their borders or wind screen in their gardening plans. Orange, green, and yellow are the most cheerful colour theme.

 Garden Design Magazine

Free garden designs include cosy backyard landscape ideas with dwarf trees, green lawn, trellis tree, and everlasting evergreen shrubs

Climb plants like Clematis or Roses are commonly seen here; they are easy to grow and almost care free; and they are great for garden sheds. Especially essential for blocking the extreme sunlight against the low growing shadow loving flowering shrubs.

If you place some everlasting greens; or sparkling red trees; and or; winter hard flowers in your front door and backyard landscape, it will surely enhance your winter freezing cold atmosphere.

Either a backyard patio design or a front door landscaping design,'Simple' should be the best word for your Organic Design!

Different colours, shapes and height made a beautiful landscape!

Planting and training trees against walls; or making fruit trees or shrub berries borders; intervals with flower bushes; or a evergreens cover on a slope may be some great ideas for a small garden design.

More amazing ideas can help you to draw up your
home landscape plan easier.

Before you decide which colours of flowers or shrubs or trees ; you must know the sizes of each and individual of the matured plants. In this way, you can be sure that they can fit well in your garden space.

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