Eucalyptus Plant in Cold Climate

Eucalyptus Plant in our garden grows very fast; and it can give you endless everlasting and beautiful herbal leaves.

Eucalyptus gunnii (Cider Gum) is originally from Australia.

It is a small tree with a smooth bark; and it is a partial winter-hard dwarf evergreen tree.

We bought the above dwarf Eucalyptus in the year end 2005; together with five yellow Primroses; one small Japanese Azalea tree; three white and one pink Hellebore late winter flowers; from an online garden shop; when we were designing our care free garden at our front door; which is located at the East.

This small tree was 35 cm (about 14 inches)  in height; a bare-root branch in December 2005, and soon it became a giant.

  Growing Eucalyptus Plant's Benefits

  • Fresh leaf shoots can be used in a fresh flower bouquet

  • Aromatic foliages can help to purify the air surrounded you

  • Dried leaves placed in an organic cotton bag under your pillow, can help you to sleep smoothly throughout the entire night

  • The leaves can help to keep the mosquito away

  • The silvery green leaves can be used in your pot-pourri

  • Essential oil can be extracted from the leaves and the terminal branch-lets

  • It can go over 2 meters tall if you preferred

Soil Condition
Any kind of well drainage soil

Cover with the cocoa shells and provide a plastic ring

Eucalyptus Plant's Performance

  1. The tender plant was staked with a few bamboo sticks right from the beginning in April 2006 (picture 1).

  2. The plant was one year old from start (picture 2).

  3. The plant expanded into a dwarf tree (picture 3&4).

  4. The side shoots and the top leaves were bushy (picture 5).

  5. The leaves were rounded and tender when they were young (picture 6).

  6. The tree was growing under the snow in December 2007 (picture 7) and all the leaves turned into long and narrow shape; when the plant is matured in 20 months time.

  7. The tree was over 1500cm tall; and the tree top has started to develop in February 2008 (picture 8).

  8. The Eucalyptus became a giant and the smooth bark turned into red on 24-6-2008 (picture 10&11).

  9. The strong 1.5 meter tall evergreen herb tree met the heavy winter snow on 23-11-2008 (picture 12).

  10. The 2500cm tall healthy grown tree was surrounded with plentiful of Hellebore flowers and the block of box hedge from January to September 2009 (picture 13 to 16).

  11. The tree top became very wild under the strong wind; and the organic growth continued in October 2009 (picture 17&19).

  12. The whole branch changed into deep red colour in November 2009 (picture 20).

  13. The four year old Eucalyptus tree was destroyed by the minus 20°C deep winter frost in March 2010 (below picture 21 to 24).

We harvest the leaves once every year in the month of June (picture 9); or when they are too crowded (picture 18).

We prune the top branch a little every year, so that, it will remain at 2 meter in height.

I hope I can grow it again at a different location; and try some cuttings in the very near future.

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