Building a Pond Project

Building a pond in the back garden is our dream!

We both desired for a home water garden for a long time. Because we had never landscape a proper pond garden before.

Last few years we had been trying to build one; but each time the fresh water fish pond idea was turned down, due to our tight budget. And last year we finally built a small portable garden fountain.

This year my husband reminded me again. So, we had decided to build a real one this time.

Building a Pond Decision

After several discussions, we had made a conclusion that, we build one with wooden frames instead of stone frames. We are not only counting on our budget, but also the weight of the materials; we could not handle the weight of the stones.

Follow me to our small, beautiful, budgeted, and unique backyard goldfish pond?

Our "do it yourself" garden pond project one construction is pretty simple. We have a hoe, an electric screwdriver, a fastener, balancing ruler, some aluminium plates, and some sand for the overall pond structure.

Additional materials are 4 pieces of 180cm x 180cm (about 6 feet) wood (picture 1 above) for the top frame, 8 pieces of 180cm x 180cm wood for the sides frame, one piece, 4 meters long and 0.5 mm thick stretchable PVC water garden liner (picture 2). Last, the water plants and gold fishes.

Backyard makeovers plan and step by step instructions on
how to build and construct a 'photo frame' garden pond are as follow:

  • If you have plenty of flowers and plants; or trees in your garden, the first thing to do is, to empty the affected area (top picture 3-4) and remove all the underground old roots (top picture 6 above), if any.

  • Thereafter, dig a hole with a hoe (top picture 5 above).
    The hole must have three levels of deepness.

    The top is 15cm (about 6 inches) , center is 35cm (about 13.7 inches), and the bottom is 60cm (about 2 feet) depth against the water surface (top picture 7).

    In this way, the fishes could hide in the deepest place; to reduce chances for injuries due to the snow and ice blocks falling during the winter season.

  • You can use re-chargeable electric screwdriver to fix two pieces of wood and the aluminium plates together (above top picture 8); place the wooden frames part by part on the ground level and fix them all together; level them with a balancing ruler against the hole (center picture 9).

  • Shape the pond surface and fill-up some sand underneath to level the sides of the frames (center picture 10). When everything is done; lay the water garden liner over the wooden frame of the pond and adjust the flexible PVC sheet to fit the shape of the pond (picture 11).

    *The liner is pretty heavy and a little stiff; so it will need two persons to work together. Especially the materials came with more than one fold.

Building a Pond

  • When the plastic is fitted right, open the tap and fill the pond slowly with water; adjust the shape again when the deepest level is filled.

  • When the bottom level of water is filled, place heavy staff on the four corners of the pond (above picture 13). In this way, the plastic liner will spread smooth and easier to fix naturally.

  • When the top level of water is fully filled, close the tap and let the pond stand for minimum a few hours to the best one day (above picture 14). Afterwards, the garden pond liner will stretch naturally further to fit the shape of the pond perfectly.

Building a Pond for Low Water Plants

In the afternoon, we had gone to the garden center quickly to pick up all the low water plants. I wanted a Lotus flower or a Water Lily, but I did not get it as the prices of them were fell not in my budget.

We bought Achillea ptarmica (Sneezewort), Canna Orange, Carnivorous plant, Herb bennet, Yellow Iris (yellow flag), Penny royal, Soft rush, Purple loosestrife (cat-tail), and four winter greens to camouflage the water pomp.

The next day we screw the top wooden frames together and trim off the excess water pond liners (picture 15-16 above); and decorate the small backyard goldfish pond with our desired pond plants.

Building a Pond Experience

We had shifted our gold fishes carefully from a 100cm (about 3 feet) x 40cm (about 15.5 inches) indoor goldfish aquarium to an outdoor brand new 200cm x 200cm (about 6.5 feet) goldfish pond. Our goldfishes are happily sun tanning and we both felt great.

A beneficial insect and a big pigeon came to our small pond for water (below picture 17-18).

This small garden pond is completed (picture 20 below) and we are satisfied at the moment with our backyard pond landscaping plan.

If we have a bigger garden, landscape with waterfalls may be wonderful!

After one week, our neighbour told us that he saw a cat roamed around our fish pond at night. So, we did a few rounds of the transparent fish strings (picture 19 below) to block the small animals.

When the sunlight is too strong, the fish pond water will become terribly green. We could not clean it so often, especially with the hot summer days. So, we bought a biological filter for the goldfish pond.

Building a Pond and keep the the water crystal clear can create extra beauties for your environment.

This water filter set is attached to a pomp, an energy savings UV-C lamp, nitrifying bacteria material, and two water fountain heads. We had it continuously running for three days, the water was crystal clear. This filter system is very effective for a small pond!

Now the gold fishes and the water plants are enjoying in their wonderful water paradise!

Start Building a Pond all by yourself?

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