Backyard Landscaping Ideas with Goldfishes

Backyard landscaping ideas for your small yard!

We had completed a small garden pond since May last year. However, due to the strong sunlight position; we discovered that; the water garden plants were not growing well.

My husband had then decided to remodel our backyard garden and move the pond. He introduced a new pond makeover idea.


                     Preparing How to Makeover

Before you start to build, you have to carefully remove the upper level of the old fish pond; and lift the outer wood frames aside for the new pond; keep the lower portion of pond for the living goldfishes.

                          How to Convert
The size of your water garden pond can be changed from the measurements of 200 cm x 200 cm (about 6.5 feet) to 150 cm (about 5 feet) x 400 cm (about 13 feet); and you can change the shape of the pond from square to oblong.

Backyard Landscaping Ideas and Building a Pond
with re-usable Materials

If you are preparing to build a three depth pond; you can dig a 75 cm (2.5 feet) hole as the growing rooms for all your water lilies.

If you can handle heavy materials; and you have no problem with the transportation; you should be able to get the best price of wood with the best size of length and width; to reduce the constructing work; cost; and reduce the rust free metal plates.

Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Second small backyard Diy garden project and winter protection careIce Floated on Pond

This time we had used up 400cm x 600cm (about 19.5 feet) new water garden liners and some additional pieces of garden wood; besides those old ones.

It was a little inconvenience when he built this pond; because he had to remove my precious tomatoes grow bed; when the tomato plants were still attached with many clusters of ongoing fruits.

Backyard Landscaping Ideas for a Small Space

     How to Do It

  • Set-up a four corners wood frame for the sides of the pond; the rest will follow easily.

  • Next, balance the side frames against the underneath stabled ground. If at some area the ground is not level; level them with a small stone; and use ground to fill up the gaps; before you continue.

  • Continue with the garden pond liners. Make sure it is flat and smooth; when you lay it on the ground. Fix the excess materials at the four corners of the pond. Balance it again; when you are satisfied with the shape; fill it up slowly with tap water; and weigh the liners down with heavy stuffs. At this stage; you can place all the water plants back to their original place.

Backyard Landscaping Ideas for Your Water Plants

After one night; you will see the shape is formed and fixed. Thereafter; build a top frame and place it upon the liners. Fix them, and last trim off the excess plastics from the sides.

If your goldfish pond is surrounded with all organic flowers, plants, vegetables and fruit trees; then you have a small pond garden!

If your pond is half sheltered by an apricot tree; you can enjoy the reflection of the tree from the water; when the sun shines; the goldfishes; and the shallow water plants will be under the golden apricot tree's shadow.

Backyard Landscaping Ideas with Preparing Goldfishes
in the Extreme Winter Season

The most challenging time often fall in the winter months. Because the temperature would be dropping day by day from the Autumn season. At certain weeks, the temperature might go down to below 5°C (41 °F) at night.

You will be surprised to see the goldfishes are still eating much food. They rejected the winter food; but accepted the normal frozen green peas.

You have to cover a net over the pond to protect the goldfishes from the backyard birds, especially the popular greedy fish hunter, 'Grey Heron'. They would be flying all over the commercial buildings; or residential area; to look for their targets; when they cannot hunt enough food from the rivers and streams.

The gold fishes and the pond plants; both have to face an extreme condition; when the cold chilling winter arrived.

Backyard Landscaping Ideas with Exciting Winter Days

The winter had finally arrived with a few days of continuous light freezing. We stopped feeding only when the goldfishes had lost their appetite.

The most exciting moments had arrived with hard freezing night temperature between minus 15°C to minus 20°C.

We did constant examination on both the goldfishes and the low water plants; to make sure they would be fine.

Backyard Landscaping Ideas with the Goldfishes Care

After almost one week of hard freezing, the weather turned soft to above zero at day time for the last five days of the year. We had removed once again the big pieces of ice from the goldfish pond.

On the first New year day, this backyard pond had formed a thin layer of ice on the water surface again. We found everything back to place by end of the month.

My husband has changed his mind later again; and he built the
third water pond.

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